Séminaire – Prof. Yasmine Abdin


13h30 - 14h30


4 juillet 2024
Advancing Sustainable Composites: Optimizing Material Design and Performance for a NetZero Future

Yasmine Abdin

The University of British Columbia

Colombie Britannique, Canada


Évènement en présentiel: McGill, McConnell Building, local ENGMC 12



To achieve global NetZero goals, we must find sustainable alternatives to traditional materials and ensure their economic feasibility, ideally with a « plug and play » approach. This is especially critical for advanced composite materials, which are in demand for their exceptional mechanical properties and lightweight potential in aerospace, automotive, marine, and energy sectors. However, their complex material behavior and limited understanding of their process-structure-property relationships hinder wider market adoption.

The current research focuses on improving the process-structure-property relationships of these materials, de-risking them for producers and consumers, and benchmarking their performance against existing products. We aim to leverage Canadian resources, with technologies such as Bitumen-derived carbon fibers and explore the potential of natural fiber composites like hemp and flax. This not only enhances the economic potential of these materials but also supports the economic growth and the diversification of the Canadian natural resources. Through this approach, we seek to accelerate the acceptance and use of sustainable composites, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and economically viable future.