CREPEC focuses on issues related to plastics processing and high-performance composites.

Thanks to the complementary expertise of its members (chemical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists and physicists), CREPEC positions itself as a partner of choice in various fields of application to solve various technological problems and meet current industrial needs.

CREPEC fields of application




Consumer products


CREPEC emphasizes high-level inter-university research collaborations, and the development and consolidation of industrial interactions. Sharing a vast pool of equipment, recruiting promising new researchers and training highly qualified personnel ensures vital technology transfer on a national and international level.

The center is also an ideal place to help and support local companies in their research-led development projects.


CREPEC works to boost innovation and train highly qualified personnel in the strategic field of polymer and composite systems, in order to increase Quebec’s scientific, technological, social and economic potential.


CREPEC aims to develop the next generation of innovative, high-performance polymer and composite materials, their manufacturing processes and multi-scale characterization. In a context of sustainable development, achieving this objective will place Quebec at the forefront of the science and engineering of value-added polymers and composites.

Our team

Portrait de Pascal Hubert

Prof. Pascal Hubert


Prof. Hubert leads the Composite Materials Laboratory at McGill University. He specializes in the development and sustainability of composite forming as well as multifunctional composites.

Prof. Martine Dubé


Prof. Dubé is a member of the Polymer and Composites Engineering Laboratory (LIPEC) at ETS. She is interested in the forming, recycling and welding of high-performance thermoplastic composites.

Carole Anne De Carufel

CREPEC Coordinator

Carole Anne is the contact person for all CREPEC-related questions. She organizes seminars and events, and serves as liaison between center members and external collaboration requests.