Research at CREPEC

In order to maximize the research potential and the scientific, technological, social and economic benefits for Quebec, the Center has defined 3 main axes and several development themes.

CREPEC research axes

Axis 1: High-performance polymer materials

1.1 Functional and intelligent multiphase materials

1.2 Flexible and functional materials

1.3 Innovative processes and multi-scale modeling

Axis 2: High-performance composite materials

2.1 Design of high-performance composite materials and structures

2.2 Optimization and automation of manufacturing processes

2.3 Development of multifunctional and intelligent materials

Axis 3: Eco-responsible materials

3.1 Bio-based materials: matrices, reinforcements and additives

3.2 Recycling, reuse, revalorization, process optimization, life cycle analysis and integration into the circular economy

For each of the proposed themes, CREPEC's research activities cover various stages in the development of new materials and technologies.

Our work focuses on the development of rheological models, new processing methods, material characterization, improved mechanical properties, part production and design, and the rehabilitation and recycling of certain materials. The aim is to produce new materials with superior chemical or mechanical properties to existing products at the lowest possible cost, and to optimize current forming techniques and know-how. CREPEC is involved in a number of industries, including energy, civil engineering and transport, not forgetting the medical and consumer goods sectors.

Our projects

Origami structures

Multistable Smart Composites

(Vision Project)


  • Profs Sampada Bodkhe & David Melancon (Polytechnique Montréal)
  • Collaborators: Annie Ross (Polytechnique Montréal), Ilyass Tabiai (ETS), Abdolhamid Akbarzadeh Shafaroudi (McGill U.), Anne-Marie Boulay (Polytechnique Montréal), Marie-Josée Dumont (U. Laval), Vincent Tournat (CNRS, Le Mans U.)
  • Industrial Partners: AON3D, FilSpec Inc., Safran
Structures Kirigami

Conductive Kirigami Materials

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  • Prof. Damiano Pasini (McGill U.)
  • Collaborators: Prof. Fabio Cicoira (Polytechnique Montréal)
Fourche Vélo

Thermoforming and welding processes for sports applications

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  • Prof. Martine Dubé (ETS)
  • Collaborators: Prof. Louis Laberge Lebel (Polytechnique Montréal)
  • Industrial Partners: Argon 18
Synthèse d'hydrogels à base de chitosane pour l'adsorption d'hormones dans les effluents d'eaux usées

Synthesis of chitosan-based hydrogels for hormone adsorption in wastewater effluents

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  • Prof. Marie-Josée Dumont (U. Laval)
  • Collaborators: Prof. Jason R. Tavares (Polytechnique Montréal)
Fibres asclépiade non traitées

Biocomposites based on milkweed fibers: improved fire resistance through phosphorylation

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  • Prof. François Brouillette (UQTR)
  • Collaborators: Prof. Mathieu Robert (U.Sherbrooke)
Honeycomb 3D printing

Behavior of a composite sandwich panel with a 3D-printed FC-peek core

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  • Prof. Marie-Laure Dano (U. Laval)
  • Collaborators: Prof. Martine Dubé (ETS)
  • Industrial Partners: ArianeGroup, Mekanic, NanoXplore