Working with CREPEC

Academic and industrial collaboration is at the heart of CREPEC’s mission. The Center makes its knowledge, know-how, expertise and infrastructure available to support new prospects and future projects in the polymer and composite materials sector.

Our industrial partnerships

The Center is a privileged place to help and assist local companies in their research-led development projects. The Center can meet the needs of both large companies and SMEs in Quebec.

All CREPEC research results (new materials, new processes or know-how) can be protected in the form of:

  • a patent, provided that the result meets the criteria of novelty, inventiveness and industrial exploitability,
  • a know-how or technical file, if the result is not patentable but transferable within the company.

By granting a license, CREPEC can authorize the exclusive or non-exclusive exploitation and marketing of innovations.


Some industrial partners

Research collaboration

Research collaboration is a shared-objective contract in which the research program is carried out jointly by a company and one or more of our members.

It’s a real exchange between research and development, which:

  • enables you to outsource your research and benefit from cutting-edge research,
  • enables our members to be more open to the needs of the industrial world.


Patents resulting from research are jointly owned by your company and our members.


CREPEC is available for scientific and technical consultation to provide a specific solution to a problem raised by a requesting company.

Consulting is a contract with one or more CREPEC members. The patents resulting from the consultation are jointly owned by your company and the CREPEC member(s).

Testing and Analysis

CREPEC also offers contracts enabling customers to benefit from the Center’s technical and experimental resources (tests, analysis, measurements, physical trials, interpretation of results, etc.).

  • There is no transfer of CREPEC know-how.
  • The results are the property of the industrial client.

Research cluster

This is a grouping of several research members or teams around a theme that can be defined and carried out jointly with one or more industrialists.

Activities and workshops in schools

CREPEC has developed a number of learning and discovery workshops available to schools and other educational institutions to introduce new generations to science and its applications.

Each activity is designed, implemented and presented by CREPEC students, under the supervision of at least one specialist teacher. The free workshops include both a theoretical and a hands-on component, during which students can interact with equipment and see how it works in real time. The activities currently available are:

  • Origami in science and technology (presented by students from Polytechnique Montréal)
  • 3D printing – how does it work? (presented by students from ETS and McGill University)

You would like to work with CREPEC? Contact us now!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for a collaboration, if you’re looking for help with a current project or simply if you have a question for us.