R2C2: Research into the Reuse and Recovery of Composite Scraps to manufacture sustainable products




The R2C2 project, a joint ENS Rennes – ETS Montreal doctoral thesis, aims to make a major scientific contribution to the use and valorization of composite offcuts by developing two axes:

Axis 1: A complete characterization (technical and environmental) of the use of prepreg offcuts from the aeronautics industry. The first step will be to characterize and model the quality of composite materials to be reused and recycled. Secondly, applications for thermoforming, 3D printing and compression molding of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin prepreg offcuts will be studied and characterized. In this way, the entire chain from “waste” composite scrap to sustainable products will be characterized.

Axis 2: Performance comparison indicators to enable decisions to be made combining technical-economical-environmental aspects in the case of reuse and recovery of composite materials. Indeed, the lower quality inherent in the use of composite off-cuts compared with new materials must be weighed against environmental and economic gains. Indicators must therefore be developed to enable this easy comparison and appropriate decision-making.


Olivier Kerbrat, Olivier.Kerbrat@ens-rennes.fr, +33(0) 2 99 05 52 75
Martine Dubé, martine.dube@etsmtl.ca, +1(514) 396-8487